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Weekdays on 1420 WACK Morning Show- 6am-8:30am Local, State, National and World News, Dean Amsler with local & state news coverage starting at 6am CBS News Radio with national and world news.

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CBS News

The president\'s lawyers will continue their arguments on Monday.
President Trump\'s defense team began laying out their defense on Saturday, the first day of their opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial. \"CBS Evening ...
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It\'s been called the largest art movement in the world, and perhaps the most controversial. And now, for the first time ever, it has a ...
Technical advances in cellphone service have sparked a demand for climbers with technical skills and strong stomachs to install new gear atop cellphone towers.
NPR host Mary Louise Kelly also said the secretary of state, after a contentious interview, brought her into a room and demanded she find Ukraine ...
CBS News\' Major Garrett discusses his reporting referenced Friday by Rep. Adam Schiff during President Trump\'s impeachment trial.
The last in a series of spacewalks should put a $2 billion scientific instrument back in business.
Rainy weekends on both coasts are in line with a predicted \"wetter-than-average\" winter.
The coronavirus outbreak started in central China and has left 41 people dead.

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