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EEO Program

EEO Program

Alternative Recruitment Program

a. Station personnel with hiring authority will attend at least one regional job
fair per year.

b. Full time openings will be posted with the NY State Department of Labor.

c. Full time openings will be distributed to placement offices at area
colleges, Wayne/Finger Lakes BOCES, and other appropriate organizations that request them.

a. The recruitment program will be evaluated in accordance with the
procedures set forth under OPTION B.

Alternative Recruitment Program
1. Design it’s own broad and inclusive outreach program.

2. Demonstrate that it is widely disseminating information concerning job vacancies by analyzing the recruitment sources, race, ethnicity and gender of the applicants attracted by it’s recruitment efforts.

Record Keeping
1. Collect, but not routinely submit to the Commission:
a. Listings of all full-time jobs filled, identified by job title.

b. The recruitment sources used to fill each vacancy.

c. The address, contact person and telephone number of each recruitment
source used to fill each position.

d. Dated copies of all advertisements, letters, e-mails, faxes, etc. used to fill each vacancy.

e. Data reflecting the recruitment source, gender and racial/ethnic origin of
applicants for each full-time job filled.

Public File
1. Place in the station’s public inspection file annually a report containing the following:
a. All full-time jobs filled the precious year.

b. Recruitment sources used to fill those vacancies.

c. Address, contact person and telephone number of each recruitment source.

d. Recruitment source, race, gender and national origin for each applicant.


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