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Better Business Bureau
Pat Coakley – Upstate New York Better Business Bureau
Better Business Bureau Wise Giving Alliance – Charitable Organizations

Health and Fitness
Rodger Murphree — Health Consultant

Movies and Entertainment
Dorothy Leeds — Movie Critic

Assemblyman Bob Oaks – 128th Assembly District
Assemblyman Brian Kolb – 129th Assembly District
Barry Leonardini — Political Analyist
Bill Federer – The American Minute
Congressman Jim Walsh – 25th Congressional District
Senator Pam Helming
Town of Arcadia – Supervisor
Village of Newark – Jonathon Taylor

School District Representation
Newark School District – Matt Cook
Newark High School – Principal Kevin Whitaker
Red Creek School District – Superintendent Dave Sholes
Sodus Central School District – Superintendent Susan Salvaggio

Sports And Motivational
Pat Williams – Senior Vice President of Orlando Magic
Sports Publishing – Various Sports Interviews

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