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Here’s the 7-day forecast
From News 8 Meteorologist Josh Nichols


 for Friday, March 22nd, 2018


TODAY: Cloudy and turning a bit breezy with a few

rain showers mixed with some wet snow flakes during the day.

Areas of light snow will develop by sunset. A coating of snow is likely

throughout most of the area away from Lake Ontario by evening.

HIGH: 41 (mid 30s higher terrain, and areas west of Rochester)
TONIGHT: Blustery and cold with areas of snow. Wind gusts of 40 mph

likely overnight especially near Lake Ontario and in the higher terrain

south of Rochester. Snowfall totals will range anywhere from 1 to 3

inches in Rochester to as much as 3 to 5 inches into parts of Wayne

County, and the Finger Lakes. The greatest amounts will be observed

in the higher terrain of the Finger Lakes and into parts of Wayne County.

LOW: 20
SATURDAY: Blustery and colder but with a clearing sky. Expect a fair amount of

sunshine despite the chill. Wind chills in the single digits and teens in the morning.
LOW: 20
HIGH: 38
SUNDAY: Clouds and some intervals of sunshine. Mildest away from Lake Ontario.
LOW: 28
HIGH: 50
MONDAY: A “backdoor cold front” brings clouds, chilly north and northeasterly

breezes, and a bit of light rain and snow. A couple of inches of accumulation

possible especially in the higher terrain as it turns colder.

LOW: 27
HIGH: 35
TUESDAY: Sunshine and a few clouds, but cold with a chilly northerly wind.
LOW: 17
HIGH: 37
WEDNESDAY: Ample sun. A cold start, but milder to finish.
LOW: 20
HIGH: 51
THURSDAY: Sunshine and a few clouds. Spring warmth!
LOW: 29
HIGH: 60
NORMAL HIGH/LOW: 45/28, SUNRISE: 7:10 A.M. SUNSET: 7:24 P.M.

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