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  Wednesday July 23rd, 2014



WeatherTODAY – will become mostly cloudy with a 60%-70% chance for showers and possible thundershowers. Today’s high will be near 80.

TONIGHT – some scattered showers here or there are possible with an overnight low tonight around 60.

TOMORROW – is calling for mostly sunny skies and a high in the mid 70′s.

FRIDAY – sunny with a high in the mid to upper 70′s, possibly the low 80′s.

SATURDAY – another sunny day with a high in the low to mid 80′s for a high.

SUNDAY – is calling for enough sun and cloud to be around that there’s be about a 40% chance for a Sunday shower and a daytime high on Sunday right around 80.



MLB (15 games)

MLBYankees 2 Rangers 1

Mets 3 Mariners 1

Indians 8 Twins 2

Blue Jays 7 Red Sox 3

Giants 9 Phillies 6

Pirates 12 Dodgers 7

Royals 7 White Sox 1

Marlins 6 Braves 5

Cubs 6 Padres 0

Orioles 4 Angels 2

Brewers 4 Reds 3

Astros 3 Athletics 2

Rays 7 Cardinals 2

Nationals 7 Rockies 4

Diamondbacks 5 Tigers 4


RochesterRedWingsRed Wings 4 Durham Bulls 0

In the midst of a 1-4 road trip and a 3-9 skid over their last 12 games, right-hander Mark Hamburger picked a good time to turn in the best start of his career.

He tossed seven shutout innings as the Red Wings rolled to a 4-0 win over the Durham Bulls last night at Durham Bulls Athletic Park.

The Wings send Alex Meyer (5-4, 3.30) to the hill in Game Three of this series on tonight at 7:05..


Newark PilotsThe Newark Pilots (22-17) took over first place in West Division with a 12-3 win over Watertown last night up in Watertown.

The two teams face off again todfsay with a double-header at Colburn Park. First pitch of game one is scheduled for 5:05 p.m.



*National Hot Dog Day

untitled (17)A celebration of one of America’s favorite summer sandwiches. Americans eat approximately two billion pounds of hot dogs every year. During National Hot Dog Month in July, Americans usually eat two billion hot dogs. On the July 4th holiday weekend alone, there are typically 150 million hot dogs eaten. In Major League ballparks, fans eat over 25 million hot dogs.


New Hampshire driver stops to help ducklings, gets $100 ticket

imagesR31MH1UYA New Hampshire woman who called police after stopping in a highway median to help some stranded ducklings plans to fight a $100 ticket.

Hallie Bibeau of Newfields tells WMUR-TV she was driving east on Route 101 on Friday when she had to slam on her brakes to avoid hitting the ducklings. She says their mother and several of the ducklings were hit by a car. The mother died.

“I could hear them peeping, and I looked over the right hand side of the road, and I saw that their mom had been hit and was dead on the side, so I couldn’t just continue on,” she said. She told WMUR.com that while she waited, she saw a few of them “try to go to the westbound lane and got run over, and it was terrible to see.”

The 33-year-old Bibeau called 911, got out of her car and captured the two surviving ducklings.

A state trooper issued Bibeau a ticket for stopping in the median. Police say median stops are for emergencies, and they didn’t consider this to be one.

Officials say the ducklings were taken to a wildlife rescue in Maine, where one of them died.


Jeep recalling 792,000 vehicles for ignition switch issue

untitled (16)Chrysler is recalling up to 792,300 older Jeep SUVs worldwide because the ignition switches could cause engine stalling.

Tuesday’s recall covers 2005-2007 Grand Cherokees and 2006-2007 Commanders.

Chrysler says it’s not sure exactly how many will be recalled. The company says an outside force such as a driver’s knee can knock switches out of the “run” position, shutting off the engine. This disables power-assisted steering and braking and the front air bags might not inflate.

Engineers are working on a fix. Chrysler says it knows of no injuries and only one accident. The company says only a few complaints have been filed. Owners should keep clearance between their knees and keys until repairs are made.

The recall comes as U.S. safety regulators investigate ignition switch problems across the auto industry.


Other Cities Poach Police From Detroit’s Low-Wage Force

untitled (15)Officer Michael Crowder says he loves his current but he notes that these are tough economic times in Detroit, and that’s effecting everyone here — including the police.

“We’ve had food drives where the community comes up to the precinct,” he says. “They’ll give us baskets of food. Two, three years now, we’ve had officers depend on Goodfellow packages.”

For years, police in the city of Detroit have dealt with low wages, a lack of new equipment and one of the nation’s highest crime rates. Now, as the city moves through bankruptcy, there’s talk of eventually raising police officers’ pay.

But police departments outside of the city are increasingly trying to recruit Detroit’s finest to come work for them instead.

Detroit police saw their paychecks cut by 10 percent two years ago. Now the police union is negotiating a new contract with the city, whose bankruptcy exit strategy calls for increasing the size of the force by more than 12 percent over the next decade.

The force lost roughly 400 rank-and-file officers in the past half-dozen years because of budget cuts, attrition and early retirement.

At a job fair in the Detroit suburb of Pontiac, Officer Mark Slade touts the benefits of a career with the Houston Police Department.

“We’re not here to steal officers away,” he says. “We just want to let the Detroit police officers know that there are other viable opportunities available.”

Slade notes that senior rank-and-file officers in Houston can earn nearly $74,000 a year.

In Detroit, patrol officers currently top out at about $47,000 a year, only a little more than the starting salary of cadets in Houston.


Now You KNow 

Tattoos in America

images0SL8ZP7K21% of U.S. adults now have at least one tattoo, up from 16% in 2008 and 14% in 2003. While many embrace this as personal artwork, those who do not have tattoos are less understanding. 45% of those who don’t have tattoos say adults who do have them are less attractive and 39% say that are not as sexy. Ouch. That’s the word from The Harris Poll, which surveyed 2,016 adults to find out who has tattoos, who doesn’t and what they think of them.

When it comes to regions of the country, tattoos are more prevalent in the West where 26% of adults have at least one tattoo, compared to the South where they are more uncommon with just 18% inking their skin.38% of adults ages 30 to 39 have a tattoo, compared with just 5% of those 65 and older.

Women are slightly more likely to have a tattoo than a man with 23% of women being inked, compared to 19% of men.


Read to Remember

imagesTELJEOHJIf you want to keep your memory well into old age, read a book now. It doesn’t have to be great literature. Mysteries, chick-lit or science fiction will suffice just fine. That’s the word from researchers at the Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, who have concluded that when people of any age read books, write or participate in other brain-stimulating activities, it may preserve memory. Specifically, the study found that the rate of decline was reduced by 32 percent in people with frequent mental activity in late life, compared with people with average mental activity. Meanwhile, the rate of decline of those with infrequent activity was 48 percent faster than those with average activity.


Facts on Marriage

untitled (13)(YourTango.com)

One of the most commonly quoted statistics about marriage is that half of all marriages end in divorce. For the past several decades, the divorce rate has hovered around that rate, but it’s become more popular recently to challenge this statistic. Do you ever wonder why there is so much curiosity about the divorce rate? One of the main reasons why people tend to be so interested in the divorce rate is because they fear divorce and question the stability of marriage. After all, we’ve all grown up in a culture of divorce, since it reached a peak in 1970. We all know someone who has seen their parents’ marriage crumble, and many have experienced more than one divorce in their lifetime. Unsurprisingly, young adults raised in divorced families are worried about their own futures. According to author and marriage expert Paul Amato, the divorce rates for adult children of divorce are twice those raised in intact families. If two children of divorce marry, their risk of divorce is three times that of those raised in an intact family. However, even though it’s hard to get out of the shadow of divorce, there is some good news about divorce proneness. Many researchers have asserted in recent years that the divorce rate is leveling off and even dropping. One common reason cited is that fewer people are getting married in the first place. The second reason is that college-educated individuals, who marry when they are older and have decent incomes, enjoy much lower divorce rates than the general public.


We are Disconnecting in Many Relationships

untitled (12)The more we become connected through e-mail, the Internet, cell phones and other technologies, the more we become disconnected in our personal relationships. That’s the conclusion of a recent Duke University study that found Americans have fewer good friends than they had 20 years ago, dropping dramatically from an average of three to two. Sociologists at Duke and the University of Arizona believe the results of their research show that Americans are becoming more and more socially isolated. Surprisingly, one out of four of the people surveyed said they have no close friends at all.


5 Things a Person SHOULD TALK ABOUT on a First Date

imagesONAWTXC0According to MSN.com’s Dating and Personals section, here are 5 things that you should talk about on your 1st date:

Whatever you’re passionate about. Maybe it’s your love of art and culture. Or history. Or tropical bird-watching. Anything, in fact, except celebrities and what’s on TV. You want to show that you do things in your spare time that enrich you as a person, not just sit on the sofa with Us Weekly.Your domestic genius. It’s universally impressive to keep a stylish home, and it’s doubly impressive if you’re a great cook. Sample segue: “How’s that chicken stew you ordered? I got this amazing recipe last summer that I’ve customized by…”

Your family values. It can be a big plus to let your date know that your family is important to you, but that they don’t run your life. Share a story that describes your family in context (“We always played pranks on birthdays; I was a bit of a ringleader… “), but don’t go into anything that makes you sound bitter (“The jerkenstein also known as my father”).

Community service. If you’re active in community organizations that help people in any way, this is definitely something to bring up on the first date. Of course, bragging about giving lots of money to charities — well, that’s just showing off.

Your ability to laugh at yourself. This one’s less about saying one particular thing, and more about having a lighthearted tone. It should just be something that shows you’re a human with faults and that you can acknowledge those flaws without falling to pieces.



Birthday-2In 1884 Film executive, Albert Warner (Warner Bros. co-founder)

In 1892 Haile Selassie, emperor of Ethiopia (1930-74)

In 1919 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Pee Wee Reese (Dodgers) [d: 8-14-99]

In 1936 Baseball Hall-of-Famer, Don “Big D” Drysdale (Dodgers) [d: 7-3-93]

In 1943 Singer/guitarist, Tony Joe White (Polk Salad Annie) (70)

In 1965 Guitarist/songwriter, Slash (Guns N’ Roses) (48)

In 1971 Country singer/fiddler, Alison Krauss (42)

In 1973 Former White House intern/author, Monica Lewinsky (40)

Dick Reeves Thought – “Monica Lewinsky turns 40 today. Gee, seems just like yesterday she was crawling around on the floor of the Oval office.

In 1989 Actor, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter & the Sorcer’s Stone) (24)



HistoryIn 1798 Napoleon captures Alexandria, Egypt.

In 1829 William Austin Burt of Mt. Vernon, MI, receives a patent for his “typographer,” the forerunner of the typewriter.

In 1904 By some accounts, the first ice-cream cone is made by Charles E. Menches during the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in St. Louis, MO.

In 1914 Austria-Hungary issues an ultimatum to Serbia following the killing of Archduke Francis Ferdinand by an assassin. The dispute leads to World War I.

In 1955 Chess Records releases Chuck Berry’s first single “Maybelline.”

In 1962 The Telestar communications satellite is launched.

In 1966 Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night” is #1 on the U.S. albums chart.

In 1967 43 are killed when one of America’s worst related riots begins in Detroit, as police raid a black-owned nightspot.

In 1982 Actor Vic Morrow and two children are killed when a helicopter crashes on top of them during the filming of “The Twilight Zone: The Movie.”

In 1985 After 11 years, the sitcom “The Jeffersons” airs on CBS-TV for the last time.

In 1986 Britain’s Prince Andrew marries Sarah Ferguson at Westminster Abbey in London.

In 1986 The Bangles’ single “Walk Like An Egyptian” is released.

In 1999 Members of the Kennedy family gather in New York for a private memorial Mass a week after John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife, Carolyn, and her sister, Lauren Bessette, died in a plane crash.

In 1999 Woodstock ’99 opens in Rome, New York.

In 2000 Tiger Woods, at 24, becomes the youngest player to win the career Grand Slam with a record-breaking performance in the British Open


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