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Taken by Dean R. Amsler outside the 1420WACK Studios, the mornings of October 4th and 5th, 2017


Grab your favorite morning beverage, turn up your radio,

and enjoy AM gold radio favorites of the 60’s 70’s and 80’s

from the libraries of 1420 WACK with host Dean Amsler!!

– plus, all the local  news and information you

need to get you through your day! –

 outside the 1420WACK Studios, morning of 07-05-18


Here’s the 7-day forecast
From News 8 Meteorologist Josh Nichols


 for Friday, August 17th, 2018

TODAY: Breezy and warm with shower and storms,

may bring heavy downpours. Localized flooding possible.
HIGH: 81
TONIGHT: Scattered showers and thunderstorms.
LOW: 68
SATURDAY: Early clouds and a potential lake enhanced rain shower will be followed by a fair amount of sunshine. Seasonably warm, and breezy with less humidity.

LOW: 64
HIGH: 78
SUNDAY: Ample sunshine. Warm and dry with afternoon lake breezes developing. Nice!
LOW: 59
HIGH: 80
MONDAY: Mostly sunny.

LOW: 60
HIGH: 84
TUESDAY: Clouding up. Scattered showers and thunderstorms develop.
LOW: 60
HIGH: 84
WEDNESDAY: A few scattered showers or thunderstorms.
LOW: 63
HIGH: 76

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